No plain clothes made by the St. Laurent Blvd. tailor

Giovanni Vacca’s St. Laurent Blvd. shop is the only maker of the RCMP’s icon uniform.
To get to the master tailor’s atelier, you are instructed to go up a flight of stairs in a nondescript building on St. Laurent Blvd. You push past a reception desk and enter a paneled workshop filled with long wooden tables and bolts of textiles. Giovanni Vacca appears and offers you an espresso – perhaps with a bracing shot of Punch Abruzzese liquor – and leads you over to a bar flanked with black leather stools. Welcome to the inner sanctum of Giovanni Clothes Inc. – where sports stars shop for fine duds and where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police get outfitted for dress occasions.
“A guy who walks up the stairs, he comes to buy,” said Vacca, 66, the company president and chief executive. “We have customers who buy 10 suits, 12 suits. We have customers for 25 to 30 years.

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